Month: March 2021

The Hugo Municipal Pool

Hugo’s little-known Tornado

I was being pelted by sand the size of BB pellets, thousands of them hitting me at once. Mommy screamed at me to get into the car, it’s a tornado…

picture of an old crank telephone.

Telephones in my life, and how they have changed.

My first telephone call: When I was really young, I remember that going into town to call my grandmother in Kansas was a very special adventure. I don’t remember what particular occasion was tied to my first memory of this, perhaps our trip to Kansas for Christmas. We didn’t have a phone at the farm in those days so when we needed talk to someone by telephone, we would have to make the long 14 mile trip into the small town of Flagler, Colorado.

A recent picture of the old chicken house.

The Old Chicken House & Things South

As far back as I could remember, the chicken house was just an old, ugly building that no one could see. For the usual visitors to the farm, it was hidden from view by the house and by the trees around it, and, of course, by the well house and the barn. And the chicken house smelled to high heaven!…