Month: January 2008

Family History: Laure Chartrey

Denise Laure Jenny ChartreyBorn April 30, 1863Died March 20, 1947 Grandmother of Victor Mario Marguttiand Victor Louis Alexander Margutti JANUARY 29, 2008

Weekly Roundup

I have not exercised as much as I would have liked this past week. Most of my time was spent getting ready to have the new carpet installed. I worked 40 hours in the first four days of last week, then took Friday off to be here when the workers were here. Now I have …

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Today’s Ride

Normally on Sunday morning I run with Daniel and his family; however, since Andrea and Marilla were running in the 3M Half-Marathon I did not go up to their place to run today. Also, since I was not at work Friday, I had not talked to Daniel to set up a time. So this morning, …

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New Carpet – At Last!

Yesterday the new carpet was installed, after weeks of waiting and preparing. Here’s the scenario: First, pick the carpet. We came home from a long visit to the Fashion Floors store with half-a-dozen samples, and ended up picking an understated basic taupe flecked with dots of other colors. (Seems like today’s carpet fashion is for …

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Weekly summary

Here is the weekly summary: The weather and the time of day was the main impediments this last week. Each day was near freezing and I am not really used to getting up early and going out for a run. I only managed a little less than three miles per day. It is supposed to …

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Sunday’s Easy Run

I ran today with Daniel and Andrea at Brushy Creek. It was sunny and cold, and all in all it was a good run. We started an hour later than normal because Daniel and Andrea had run 22 miles the day before. It was their last really long run before the marathon. Andrea and her …

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Billy Bob Makes a Friend

Billy Bob lived up to his reputation as one of mellowest dude-cats in town yesterday. Seth, the new neighbor across the street, and his little daughter Leila (aged 22 months) came over to our yard for a chat, on one of our first sunny days in ages. When Leila saw Billy, she was very enthusiastic. …

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Thursday’s Sprints

Today I ran some sprints. It consisted of 8 repeats of running for one eighth of a mile at a pace of 7 minutes per mile then walking while I waited for the heart rate to drop below 105 beats per minute. I had trouble reaching the speed and I was about dead by the …

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Tuesdays Interval Run

I did an interval run this morning, and what a difference twenty-four hours make! It clouded over last night and the temperature was 48 degrees this morning. I was sweltering in my three layers of clothes when I was running. I ran at the track over at Webb Middle School. There was one other runner …

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Monday Morning Run

Brrr! It was cold again this morning, near freezing, the windows on my pickup had ice on them. I ran three easy miles at about an 11 minutes per mile pace. I ran from home around Highland Mall and back home. I was hoping this would make for a longer run but it didn’t. The …

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Weekly Roundup

I did better this week but not as well as I would like. No exercises to strengthen the core. I will have to work more on that next week. Here is a summary of what I did over the last week:

Friday’s Easy Run

Ran an easy 2.25 miles today. Went over to the track at Webb Middle School and did a mile (4 laps). It’s the first time this year that I have been over there. There were two other people working out. I got there shortly after 7 AM. I need to go more often, it would …

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My Eye is Sore Again!

My left eye has been sore again today, I think it’s another stye or chalazion (blocked tear exterior tear duct). Perhaps the old chalazion which I had several months ago is returning. It feels a little to the right of where the previous one was, but it’s hard to tell. I have put a hot …

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Wednesdays Tempo Run

Today I did a tempo run, I tried to keep my pace below a 10 minute per mile for 2 miles. I felt that I did pretty well, each time I checked my watch I was doing a little under 10 minutes. There was a few places that gave me trouble, the final uphill run …

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Birding Links

Since my sister Elizabeth and her friend Tom got us interested in birding, I’m collecting links for beginning birders.

Monday’s Run

I ran 3 miles this morning. What a change several days make; the temperature was about 70 degrees when I started, and the humidity was about 100%, compared to several days ago when the temperature was below freezing. The Garmin record is here. Later: I need to get moving a little earlier or moving a …

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Weekly summary

Here is the weekly summary: Next week, I hope to get in a few more miles. My morning runs should be a little longer and next Sundays run will be about 8 miles. Hope to get in some bike miles too, perhaps getting in some hill miles. This week the Running magazine had a section …

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Sunday’s Easy Run

Ran 4.08 miles at a 11:30 pace with Daniel, his wife Andrea, his mother-in-law Marilla and Zoe their 10 year old dog. The temperature was not a problem at a little above 60 degrees, however the wind was noticeable. The motionbased report is here.

New Neighbors

Yesterday we met the new neighbors that have moved into the Iveys’ old house. It sounds like they have done a lot to fix up their new home. Their names are Seth, Sunny, and the cute little one is Leila, aged 20 months. Nice to have a little girl growing up there again! It sounds …

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Thursday’s Run

It was cold again this morning, I dressed more warmly than on Wednesday’s run. I wore the same pants, gloves and headpiece. Over the mid-section, I wore a light sweat-wicking tee shirt, my blue warm up clothes, and my reflective windbreaker. For the most part, I was warmer, except I was sweating, so when I …

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Wednesday morning run

It was cold this morning, the TV said it was in the mid 20s, thus the short run. I also did not get the GPS going until about 1/8 the way through the run so it registers a little short. It should say about 1 mile. Heres the link to the run. I wore my …

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