Month: June 2008

Sunday’s Bike Ride

Today Daniel and I rode twenty-eight miles north along Parmer Lane. What a great ride–the temperature was in the mid seventies, with almost no wind. We started from the Avery Ranch subdivision shortly after seven AM and we rode for about two hours, only stopping at stop lights and when we turned around to head …

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Hot Ride at the Veloway

Daniel, Stan and I rode about nineteen miles at the Veloway this evening and it was hot! The hottest ride of the season, about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit at the start, according to Motionbased. Here is the Motionbased report:

Monday Night’s Trail Run

Daniel and I ran at Bull Creek Greenbelt this evening. We started at a new location in a small parking lot at the intersection of Spicewood Springs Road and Old Spicewood Springs Road. The trail was beautiful. We took a single track trail up along the tops of the cliffs. Occasionally we could get a …

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Dad’s Day Du Race Report

Today I came in first in my age group (60+). Yippee! My very first Du and to be able to pull this off. Yippee! Guess all my running and biking has trained me better than I thought. Now I need to start planning and training for bigger and better duathlons. This one was a small …

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Thursday’s Run

This evening I ran three and three quarters miles. It wasn’t as hot nor as windy as the night before, but it was still pretty warm: about ninety-three degrees. I ran to the south end of the Highland Mall parking lot, then ran along Guadalupe Street to T.A. Brown Park, and returned home. I was …

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Trail Run at Bull Creek Park

This evening Daniel and I decided to run at Bull Creek District Park. It is a little further from work than the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where we usually run, but I have heard so much about the trail that I still wanted to do it. The Hill Country Trail Runners used to have a Sunday …

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Sunday’s Ride

This morning I went out for a bike ride to the river and back. I wanted to explore new routes to downtown for several reasons: 1) I want to be able to get down to the river to run early in the morning. I really don’t want to drive a vehicle down to the river …

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Thursday’s Run

I ran two and a half miles this evening using the new route. It was hot and windy; not quite as windy as the previous few days but still windy. For some reason Motionbased is down so I can not upload my run. I will do it later. Finally at 10 PM I was able …

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