Grandma’s Ancestry

Margutti family in Trieste, ca. 1892

The back side of this photo is marked 1892 by the photography studio, which probably indicates the year it was taken, for the photographer’s files. It was taken in Trieste, Italy, according to the photographer’s information. From left to right, I believe these folks are: Lisette (seated, with flowers in her lap), Louis (sitting on …

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Picture of Albert Margutti in dress uniform.

Cousin Albert von Margutti

Albert Margutti served in the court of the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary for about 17 years, and in the court of the Emperor Karl until the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was dissolved at the end of World War I. He became one of Franz Joseph’s personal aides.

Aunt Carlotta and Uncle Enrico

Carlotta Gallo Margutti and Enrico Margutti, Venice 1907 Parents of Albert von Margutti This photo was found among Lisette’s things. The back is inscribed in French, “Best wishes from your Aunt Charlotte and your Uncle Henri.” This picture was taken in the 40th year of their marriage. Very rough translation of the wedding announcement (from …

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Letters from Louis: September 1908

Letters from Louis Margutti to his mother in France, immediately following the death of his brother Victor. Three years after his burial in California, Victor’s remains were returned to France to be reburied there.

Victor in America: Summer 1908

Letters from Victor Margutti, uncle and namesake of Victor M. Margutti, mentioned here as “Baby,” to his mother in France in the summer of 1908, when he came to California to live with his brother Louis. He died in a train accident in Fresno, California, on September 17, 1908. In my translations, I have followed …

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Family History: Victor Chartrey de Menetreux – Story

The following is translated from a typewritten copy in French, presumably prepared for the alumni yearbook mentioned in the title. I give the title of the article in the original French, and my translation after it. My explanatory notes are in square brackets, in italics. I have followed, as much as possible, the punctuation and …

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Family History: Laure Chartrey

Denise Laure Jenny ChartreyBorn April 30, 1863Died March 20, 1947 Grandmother of Victor Mario Marguttiand Victor Louis Alexander Margutti JANUARY 29, 2008