Month: March 2008

I Gave Blood Today

I gave blood today. Last Friday I received a call from the blood center, saying that they needed type O+ blood for a four-year-old boy who was going to have an operation and would require a lot of blood. They needed the blood by Saturday, but with the Rosedale Ride on Saturday and the Capitol …

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The Statesman Capitol 10K

Today I got a personal record (PR) in the Statesman Capitol 10K. I ran it in 1:09:59. Since I rode the bike for 4 hours in yesterday’s Rosedale Ride, I was not expecting to have a great race time in the 10K. I felt I would be happy just to run the race and not …

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The Rosedale Ride

Today I rode the Rosedale Bike Ride; what a beautiful day for a ride. The temperature was a bone-chilling fifty degrees at the start, but once the engine was warmed up, I never noticed. I did go back and put on my heavier jersey before the start. It was very overcast the entire day, so …

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Wednesday Night at the Gym

Since no one was able to make it to Barton Creek Green Belt for a trail run, I went to the gym last night for some running on the treadmill. I needed to do my intervals this evening; but since this coming weekend is going to be pretty intense, with the Rosedale Bike ride and …

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Monday’s Run

I was hoping for a bicycle ride this evening at the Veloway, but the weather looked really threatening, so instead I went to the gym, after dropping my bicycle off at home. I went to Pure’s north gym. I had two goals: run longer than normal and continue working on speed. So I set the …

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Picture of Albert Margutti in dress uniform.

Cousin Albert von Margutti

Albert Margutti served in the court of the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary for about 17 years, and in the court of the Emperor Karl until the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was dissolved at the end of World War I. He became one of Franz Joseph’s personal aides.

Aunt Carlotta and Uncle Enrico

Carlotta Gallo Margutti and Enrico Margutti, Venice 1907 Parents of Albert von Margutti This photo was found among Lisette’s things. The back is inscribed in French, “Best wishes from your Aunt Charlotte and your Uncle Henri.” This picture was taken in the 40th year of their marriage. Very rough translation of the wedding announcement (from …

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Daisy 5K Race

I ran the Daisy 5K this morning. It was a beautiful morning with a lot of runners out. The race started at the Rogue store, just east of the freeway. The area looked pretty depressed, with numerous homeless people (I think) in sleeping bags on the lot just across the street from the starting point. …

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Letters from Louis: September 1908

Letters from Louis Margutti to his mother in France, immediately following the death of his brother Victor. Three years after his burial in California, Victor’s remains were returned to France to be reburied there.

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

This morning I headed out for my Sunday bike ride, but I did not get far. Last week I had the bike into the shop for the annual checkup. One of the things the shop adjusted was the front derailer(d√©railleur). This morning, when I went around a corner, I shifted into the small chainring, and …

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Star Flight 5K Foot Race

I ran the Star Flight 5K today. Did not get a PR (Personal Record) for a 5K but was close. I ran the race in 31 minutes which is a pace of 9 minutes and 58 seconds. It is my second race with a sub 10 minute pace, which is good for my first race …

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Victor in America: Summer 1908

Letters from Victor Margutti, uncle and namesake of Victor M. Margutti, mentioned here as “Baby,” to his mother in France in the summer of 1908, when he came to California to live with his brother Louis. He died in a train accident in Fresno, California, on September 17, 1908. In my translations, I have followed …

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Thursday’s Intervals

Tonight I ran intervals at the gym on the treadmill. It was supposed to be an easy run night, since on Saturday I am running my first 5K of the season. It will be the Starflight 5K. I only ran for thirty minutes and did about four intervals. The first was more a warm up …

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