Month: May 2008

4.5 Mile Run Near Home

This evening I ran four and a half miles near home. I choose a new route because I was wanting to put in near five miles and passing the house would be boring plus there would be a temptation to stop each time I passed. So on map my run I plotted out a longer …

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Five Mile Run

This evening I ran five miles on the Hike and Bike trail around Lady Bird Lake. I was prepared for a hot slog similar to last week, but about a mile into the run the wind came up and it started raining lightly which cooled the air down and made running a whole lot more …

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Bicycle Ride at Veloway

Thursday evening, after work, I went to the Veloway with James for a moderately paced eighteen mile bike ride. It was hot with a strong wind out of the southeast which was particularly noticeable just before the sharp little hill about two miles around the course. Here is the Motionbased record:

Thursday’s Long Run

I did a long run this evening. Running from Mo-Pac to I-35 along Town Lake Trail. It took about one and a half hours at an average speed of about five mile per hour. My heart rate was a little higher than I would have liked at 129, it was thirty two minutes in the …

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Monday Nights Trail Run

This evening Daniel and I went the Barton Creek Greenbelt for a four and a half mile run. It was a really good run, the clouds looked heavy like it could start raining at any point, and we felt a few drops at the start, but it never did. The two main things that happened …

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Thursday’s Run

I ran a slow five miles on Lady Bird Lake this evening. I ran from the Mopac bridge to to the Congress avenue bridge on the south side of the lake. Then doubled back to the Pfluger Bridge and crossed to the north side of the lake. Over the next month or so I will …

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Kenny’s Visit

Kenny came for a visit this weekend. It was really good to see him; he is looking well and is fitter than I have seen him in a long time. He has been having health problems and it was a real relief to see him walking and biking. Over the last year he has had …

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ASH Dash Race Report

Today I ran the ASH Dash 5K race. The ASH (Austin State Hospital) volunteers sponsor the race; they are an organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of the children and adults who are patients at the Hospital. The race was on the grounds of the State Hospital, which was established in …

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