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Our Favorite Stories

  • Young Kenny’s Shoe Saga
    CHAPTER ONE THE SAGA OF THE ANTI-NIKE FOR LIFE A little brother’s dream trip to Burlington In the winter of 1956 or thereabouts, when I was in the first grade, … Read more
  • Hugo’s little-known Tornado
    I was being pelted by sand the size of BB pellets, thousands of them hitting me at once. Mommy screamed at me to get into the car, it’s a tornado…
  • Marienburg Castle in Lower Saxony, Germany
    A little fairy welcomes us to the beautiful castle Marienburg. A happy memory of our visit on August 2, 2016, by Marilyn and Gary Pickens This castle in Marienburg, near … Read more
  • A Memory: When Aretha Franklin Visited The U.S.O.
    I still remember a gray day in February 1971. Anti-war sentiment in San Francisco, California was running high, and the U.S.O. at 1017 Market Street, where I worked as a … Read more