Navy Stories

USO Party

Marilyn and Gary’s Courtship

By Marilyn and Gary Pickens Arriving in the Bay Area Marilyn’s version: As a background to this story, I was living in San Francisco almost by accident. The Vietnam War had been going on for several years when I had applied for the job of U.S.O. Mobile Units secretary in San Francisco. It was May …

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The organization that I gave blood to.

Yes! I Gave Blood Today!

I gave blood during the blood drive at work today, because I know that my type O blood is always appreciated. I try do this minor civic duty on a regular basis, so I went out and I gave a pint of blood when the blood van visited our company. This brought back many memories …

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Commendation Letters to U.S.S. Chicago CG-11 in 1972

These letters commend the U.S.S. Chicago after the 1971-1972 WESTPAC deployment, which was my first cruise. This deployment was highlighted by the success of Operation Pocket Money and the mining of Haiphong Harbor. The original documents were posted in the officers’ wardroom. The text of each letter is copied from The Old Bluejacket website. …

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Naval Boot Camp Adventures

March 16, 1970 — Day One On the day when my enlistment in the U.S. Navy officially started, my parents drove me to the Federal in Building in Denver Colorado. It was a bleak and snowy day, and we had to get up very early to get me to the building on time. I had …

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