Marienburg Castle in Lower Saxony, Germany

A little fairy welcomes us to the beautiful castle Marienburg.

A happy memory of our visit on August 2, 2016, by Marilyn and Gary Pickens

This castle in Marienburg, near the city of Hannover in northern Germany,  was built between 1858 – 1867 as a birthday present from King George V of Hannover (reigned 1851–1866) to his wife, Marie of Saxe-Altenburg. It still belongs to the Princes of Hannover, which split off from the royal family of Great Britain in 1837, with the coronation of Queen Victoria. (The House of Hannover in Germany did not accept a female ruler. ) A display in the castle was on loan from Charles, Prince of Wales.

Its architect was Conrad Wilhelm Hase, one of Hannover’s most influential architects. Due to Hannover being annexed by Prussia in 1866, the castle was left uninhabited for 80 years after the royal family went into exile at Gmunden, Austria. Hanover is the  English spelling of Hannover.

The little fairy of the beautiful castle Marienburg bids us farewell.

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