Aunt Carlotta and Uncle Enrico

Carlotta Gallo Margutti and Enrico Margutti, Venice 1907

Parents of Albert von Margutti

This photo was found among Lisette’s things. The back is inscribed in French, “Best wishes from your Aunt Charlotte and your Uncle Henri.”

This picture was taken in the 40th year of their marriage.

Very rough translation of the wedding announcement (from the Italian):

On this most auspicious day, the 5th of August 18 1867, the gentle and best Miss Carlotta Gallo, daughter of Dr. Vincenzo Gallo, cultured and esteemed professor of the mathematical disciplines in the honored and illustrious Trieste Naval Academy, and Enrico Margutti, of the glorious Austrian Naval Engineers. An invocation to heaven on this venture in marriage to the colleague and friend of her father, with all pure blessings and joys.

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  1. Hello, as a descendant of Alberto Margutti’s family, I’m fascinated by and thankful for all the information you kindly posted. If I may, just a little detail on this photo: it was not taken in venice, but in Abbazia – the Italian name of Opatija, a beautiful Croatian tourist resort, about 70 km east of Trieste where the couple lived.
    Best regards,
    Patricia Padova (from Italy)

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