Birdwatching in Texas

A visit from my sister (the dedicated birdwatcher) and her partner (the even more dedicated birdwatcher) has given us two days of trying to find birds in the dead of winter, and has taught us the following facts:

1. Of approximately 700 bird species in the United States, there are approximately 600 to be found in Texas. So our Texas bird book is actually pretty comprehensive.

2. Many of our species overwinter in Mexico and points south, and are not to be found here at this time of year.

3. The City of Austin Wastewater Treatment ponds are in rural Hornsby Bend, and are set up as a bird sanctuary, primarily for water birds that overwinter here. We saw lots of ducks, grebes, coots…

4. If we want to do this on our own, we will have to get some binoculars. The naked eye does not suffice

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