Monday Night’s Trail Run

Daniel and I ran at Bull Creek Greenbelt this evening. We started at a new location in a small parking lot at the intersection of Spicewood Springs Road and Old Spicewood Springs Road. The trail was beautiful. We took a single track trail up along the tops of the cliffs. Occasionally we could get a wonderful glimpse out over the Texas Hill Country, but generally the tree cover was too dense to allow seeing very far. This was okay by me; the more trees that were between me and the sun, the better, since the temperature was in the mid nineties.

The first half of the run was over part of the same path we took last week. But where we turned down towards highway 360 last time, today we continued following the trail. Eventually, we hit a new road that had been bulldozed into the side of the hill. It was tragic; one moment we were in the thick woods, running along, and then suddenly we were in a rough road cut out of the forest. At this point we turned and headed back for our pickups.

We still have not found a trail to get down from the cliffs to the main parking lot at Bull Creek Park. We will have to continue searching next week.

Here is the Motionbased account of the run.

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