4.5 Mile Run Near Home

This evening I ran four and a half miles near home. I choose a new route because I was wanting to put in near five miles and passing the house would be boring plus there would be a temptation to stop each time I passed. So on map my run I plotted out a longer course. It was about two and half miles per lap. Perfect!


I ran the new route one time and cut the second lap a little short.

I think I am getting acclimated to the heat; it was ninety three and it did bother me as much as a couple of days ago.

Marilyn went out for a walk at the same time as I did. I think she did a mile.

Here is the Motionbased results:


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  1. There’s a couple other runners I’ll have to get to talk with at the wedding. Amy recently got into running and Lina’s hubby Ray also runs every morning. Maybe you can compare notes and go for a jog with them!


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