What a weekend! Wonder if I will lose any weight?

Friday evening I ran for about five miles, burning about 651 calories.

Then on Saturday I rode the Cannondale bike down to the ARC meeting in the city hall complex (we actually met at the Fit City space in the complex). They elected new officers and gave out the awards for the Spring Sprint Series. I came in fourth in my age group so I did not win one of the ribbons, however, I did get a new technical tee shirt and a cloth bag for storing things in. Which will come in handy for carrying things on the bike. I used a plastic bag for the trip down town. (1899 calories on the trip!)

I left my bike at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop today while I was at the meeting. It worked out very well; they charged one dollar for the bike “parking” and they also provided a changing room and a place to leave my belongings. So I rode down in bicycling clothes and changed into something more appropriate for the meeting. (The meeting was for runners, not bicyclers!)

Mellow Johnny’s was a busy place. I’m not sure what was making it so popular, perhaps it’s the location adjacent to the farmers market, and just a few blocks from the meeting I was attending. They did say that there were about half a dozen other people who dropped off their bikes were headed to the same meeting I went to.

The next day, Sunday, I attended the Pfinally Pflugerville Hosted Bike ride sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association(ACA). The group leader was Eileen Schaubert and helped by Monte Morast.

We rode twenty-four mile route, with the last half into a strong head wind. I guess the wind was probably doing about fifteen MPH. Unfortunately, Motionbased has been down all day, so I have not been able to upload my ride.

I think there were about ten to fifteen people signed up for the hosted ride. About halfway though, some of the people went off the front, and so at the end there was only about four or five of us. All in all, it was a good ride. (1536 calories)

On Sunday afternoon I walked to the drugstore, and that burned another 231 calories.

So for the weekend I burned a total of six thousand calories!

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  1. Can you purdy please give me some of your burnt calories? You don’t need all those pesky things and anyways, knowing you you’ll just go and burn more.


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