Sunday’s Bike Ride

Today Daniel and I rode twenty-eight miles north along Parmer Lane. What a great ride–the temperature was in the mid seventies, with almost no wind. We started from the Avery Ranch subdivision shortly after seven AM and we rode for about two hours, only stopping at stop lights and when we turned around to head back to the start point.

We decided to turn around several miles after we crossed Highway 29. The land had become very flat. It was farmland, with corn growing off to the sides. We went for about a mile in this terrain. Then suddenly we reached a large valley and the road dropped away for what appeared to be several miles. Since we had only planned on going 15 miles each way and we were approaching that mark, we decided to turn around a mile early, giving us a 28 mile total instead of 30.

After we finished the ride, we retraced our path in the pickup. Since this is all new road and it is not on Google maps yet, we wanted to see what the hill we avoided was like, and what was at the end of the road.

The road continues for seven more miles and ends at RR 2338, about four miles from Andice and about seven miles as the crow flies from Florence. Ten years ago, who would have thought that I would be riding my bike to Florence! That was the last major town before Killeen, which is the home of Fort Hood. My perception of distance has changed significantly since I first began riding my bicycle.

On a future ride, we will have to extend our route into Florence. Maybe we will even make it to Killeen someday.

The ride north:

Exploring in the pickup:

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