Wednesday Night’s Bike Ride at the Veloway

I went to the Veloway last evening for a bike workout, as part of my duathlon training. I was not able to get anyone else to come with me — my usual biking buddies were preparing for the fourth of July weekend. (Some are getting ready to travel and others are doing parties.)

So I had ridden about one lap when I noticed that a rider whom I had passed earlier had started wheel-sucking behind me. Then, when we started up a hill, he fell behind. So I slowed down to to let him catch up, and we started talking. He turned out to be Lyman Grant, Dean for Arts and Humanities at ACC, a good friend of Light and Bob German.

Lyman started biking about two months ago and is planning to ride in the Hotter’n Hell Hundred towards the end of August. He has been training on the new tollway out east of Austin. It sounds like an ideal road for riding. He says the traffic is light, shoulder smooth, and the hills are not too bad. His longest ride so far is a little over fifty miles. Way to go in just two months of riding!

When we parted I told him that my group would normally ride on Wednesday nights about 6 PM and he was welcome to join us. I also told him that over the next month we might not be meeting too regularly, what with vacations, travel, and other summer things. Hope we meet up again; Lyman’s abilities seemed about the same as mine–a good riding buddy.

Here is my Garmin charts:

I have not been very good at posting my exercise for the last week. Larissa has been visiting and I have changed my schedule so that I am running in the morning. I do a lot better when it is cool, I am rested, and I have eaten breakfast. Here are the morning runs I’ve done:

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