Visiting the Lake District, June 2000

Hawkshead in the Lake District

Hilltop Farm in the Lake District

England’s Lake District, nestled in Cumbria, in the northwestern area of the country, is well-known as a holiday spot. Lake Windermere, shown in the first photo above, is one of the most famous lakes in the area.

The uncultivated mountains in the area, known as “fells” have always been common areas open to the public for hiking. Now that the area has been made into a National Park, the fells continue to be public lands.

Perhaps the area is best-known outside of the UK because many famous authors, from the “Lake Poets” (led by William Wordsworth), to Charles and Mary Lamb, to Beatrix Potter, spent time here and celebrated the scenic landscapes in their works. Today tourism continues to be a major support for the small towns in the area.

Gary spent an some time hiking here near Ambleside, just north of Lake Windermere. I walked along the small road between the cottages to the gate that marked the beginning of the hiking trail, where I sat down on a bench to enjoy the scenery. A very friendly kitty (black with a white tuxedo, shown in the last picture above) followed me down the road, and the minute I sat down, he demanded that I pet him. We enjoyed each other’s company until Gary showed up again.

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