Edinburgh, Scotland in June, 2000

Edinburgh Castle

Cramond Kirk tour with Willa Stewart

Edinburgh was a special treat because we visited it with a native! Marilyn’s college friend, Moira Lees, often called Willa Stewart her “oldest friend” because Willa, at age 12, had braved the wartime blackout (without telling her parents) and had ridden her bicycle across town to see the brand new baby Moira. Frantic calls from her parents finally discovered her whereabouts, and she was allowed to stay overnight.

Miss Willa Stewart kindly showed us around Edinburgh for a day. We saw Cramond Kirk, some lovely gardens and a waterfall, and learned a little about Scottish history. Before we met her we had already visited Edinburgh Castle, and we had also walked the Royal Mile, stopping at a pub for dinner halfway down the hill.

A history of Roman cramond fort

Water fall on the River Almond, Cramond

In case you are wondering, “Almond” is derived from an old Celtic word for “river.” No nut trees involved! The waterfall is in a park in the Cramond district, not far from Cramond Kirk, which, as explained elsewhere, was built on the ruins of a Roman fort, marking the farthest north (and rather brief) extension of Roman power in Britain.

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