Trail Run at Bull Creek Park

This evening Daniel and I decided to run at Bull Creek District Park. It is a little further from work than the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where we usually run, but I have heard so much about the trail that I still wanted to do it. The Hill Country Trail Runners used to have a Sunday run out there that I always wanted to do. I was a bit worried about the traffic getting over to it; I used to have to commute past the park and the traffic was always bad. This evening it was not bad, however; I guess it helps having school out.

It was a hot day for running (97 when we started out, down from 101 earlier in the day). I will have to consider getting a second hand water bottle. We both just about went through our bottles of water.

We started out following the creek north and east until we reached Spicewood Springs road. At that point there was a trail that headed uphill, so we followed it. Rather than following the canyon valley, it climbed up and along the cliffs that line the south side of the canyon. For the most part the trail was in trees and shaded; occasionally there would be an opening where you could look out across the canyon and see large parts of the Texas hill country. It was beautiful!

There was one small canyon along the way that was particularly secluded. I bet the temperature dropped 20 degrees in the canyon. It sure felt good.

Now we were pretty much lost and running low on water; we came to a fork in the trail and were unsure which trail to follow, but we met a walker with his dog. We stopped and asked him directions. He told us that the trail we were taking would take us back to highway 360. The other forks would take us further southwest and there would be several more forks along the way that we would have to figure out. So we opted for the 360 route, and had to run on the shoulder for about a mile to get back where we parked.

Daniel and I talked about doing the Dad’s Day Du this weekend, its part of the Texas Du Series. It is in Leander, about 20 miles north of here. It looks like a small duathlon, perhaps a good one to get started doing triathlons.

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