Wednesday Night’s Bike Ride at the Veloway

Last night James, Daniel and I went for a bicycle ride at the Veloway. The temperature was near one hundred with a brisk wind out of the south.

Earlier in the week Daniel and I decided to go to the Dad’s Day Du in Leander, TX. This will be our first duathelon so we wanted to practice a little. We decided to run one mile, ride about ten miles (3 laps), then finish with a one mile run. Everything went pretty much as planned.

The first mile was brutal with the temperature about ninety-eight in the shade, and we were not in the shade for most of the run. Things got better on the bike, perhaps it had cooled down a bit or more likely we had faster air flowing around us. My average speed for the three laps was sixteen miles per hour, unfortunately I slowed down a lot toward the end. I suspect that the run before the ride had taken its toll or perhaps the temperature. In previous rides I have been able to spin up the final hill and lose very little speed. This evening I just could not make it happen.

On the final run I wimped out, we did half a mile and when we ran past the pickup I decided I that I had enough. It felt like I was hardly moving but as it turned out my pace was similar to the pace I did on the first mile.

In summary, I think we are in pretty good shape for the race. Hopefully the weather will be a lot better. The thing I will have to watch out for is not to burn out on the first two races. Save some energy for the last race and pour everything into it.

I need to get my Garmin to do Multi-sport mode. I have read how to set it up and how it should behave. This evening I need to practice with it.

Here is the results of my workout:

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