Year: 2008

Birdwatching in Texas

A visit from my sister (the dedicated birdwatcher) and her partner (the even more dedicated birdwatcher) has given us two days of trying to find birds in the dead of winter, and has taught us the following facts: 1. Of approximately 700 bird species in the United States, there are approximately 600 to be found …

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Picture of plumbing problems

Flood Day

Disaster today–of a small kind. An open tap, a clogged sink, some inattention, and a flood that covered the bathroom and progressed down the hallway. We’ve been saying for years that we need to replace the old carpeting. It was installed about 30 years ago, and has been looking increasingly shabby, but the thought of …

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Margutti family in Trieste, ca. 1892

The back side of this photo is marked 1892 by the photography studio, which probably indicates the year it was taken, for the photographer’s files. It was taken in Trieste, Italy, according to the photographer’s information. From left to right, I believe these folks are: Lisette (seated, with flowers in her lap), Louis (sitting on …

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Farewell to Billy Bob

MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2008 Our beloved cat Billy Bob was put to sleep this afternoon. He had been slowly failing for several months (we see in retrospect), and reached the critical point on Saturday (two days ago). We took him into the Burnet Road Animal Hospital (where he has many fans), but the treatment he …

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Kaho’s beautiful wedding dress creation stars in Larissa and Hans Georg’s 2008 Summer Celebration in Ludwigsburg.

After a simple civil marriage ceremony in Switzerland in the autumn of 2007, Hans Georg and Larissa moved to southern Germany. It is the custom in Europe to have both a civil ceremony and a church ceremony. The civil ceremony is always first, because the church ceremony has no legal standing. The church ceremony is …

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Sunday’s Bike Ride

Today Daniel and I rode twenty-eight miles north along Parmer Lane. What a great ride–the temperature was in the mid seventies, with almost no wind. We started from the Avery Ranch subdivision shortly after seven AM and we rode for about two hours, only stopping at stop lights and when we turned around to head …

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Hot Ride at the Veloway

Daniel, Stan and I rode about nineteen miles at the Veloway this evening and it was hot! The hottest ride of the season, about one hundred degrees Fahrenheit at the start, according to Motionbased. Here is the Motionbased report:

Monday Night’s Trail Run

Daniel and I ran at Bull Creek Greenbelt this evening. We started at a new location in a small parking lot at the intersection of Spicewood Springs Road and Old Spicewood Springs Road. The trail was beautiful. We took a single track trail up along the tops of the cliffs. Occasionally we could get a …

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Dad’s Day Du Race Report

Today I came in first in my age group (60+). Yippee! My very first Du and to be able to pull this off. Yippee! Guess all my running and biking has trained me better than I thought. Now I need to start planning and training for bigger and better duathlons. This one was a small …

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Thursday’s Run

This evening I ran three and three quarters miles. It wasn’t as hot nor as windy as the night before, but it was still pretty warm: about ninety-three degrees. I ran to the south end of the Highland Mall parking lot, then ran along Guadalupe Street to T.A. Brown Park, and returned home. I was …

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Trail Run at Bull Creek Park

This evening Daniel and I decided to run at Bull Creek District Park. It is a little further from work than the Barton Creek Greenbelt, where we usually run, but I have heard so much about the trail that I still wanted to do it. The Hill Country Trail Runners used to have a Sunday …

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Sunday’s Ride

This morning I went out for a bike ride to the river and back. I wanted to explore new routes to downtown for several reasons: 1) I want to be able to get down to the river to run early in the morning. I really don’t want to drive a vehicle down to the river …

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Thursday’s Run

I ran two and a half miles this evening using the new route. It was hot and windy; not quite as windy as the previous few days but still windy. For some reason Motionbased is down so I can not upload my run. I will do it later. Finally at 10 PM I was able …

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4.5 Mile Run Near Home

This evening I ran four and a half miles near home. I choose a new route because I was wanting to put in near five miles and passing the house would be boring plus there would be a temptation to stop each time I passed. So on map my run I plotted out a longer …

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Five Mile Run

This evening I ran five miles on the Hike and Bike trail around Lady Bird Lake. I was prepared for a hot slog similar to last week, but about a mile into the run the wind came up and it started raining lightly which cooled the air down and made running a whole lot more …

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Bicycle Ride at Veloway

Thursday evening, after work, I went to the Veloway with James for a moderately paced eighteen mile bike ride. It was hot with a strong wind out of the southeast which was particularly noticeable just before the sharp little hill about two miles around the course. Here is the Motionbased record:

Thursday’s Long Run

I did a long run this evening. Running from Mo-Pac to I-35 along Town Lake Trail. It took about one and a half hours at an average speed of about five mile per hour. My heart rate was a little higher than I would have liked at 129, it was thirty two minutes in the …

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Monday Nights Trail Run

This evening Daniel and I went the Barton Creek Greenbelt for a four and a half mile run. It was a really good run, the clouds looked heavy like it could start raining at any point, and we felt a few drops at the start, but it never did. The two main things that happened …

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Thursday’s Run

I ran a slow five miles on Lady Bird Lake this evening. I ran from the Mopac bridge to to the Congress avenue bridge on the south side of the lake. Then doubled back to the Pfluger Bridge and crossed to the north side of the lake. Over the next month or so I will …

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Kenny’s Visit

Kenny came for a visit this weekend. It was really good to see him; he is looking well and is fitter than I have seen him in a long time. He has been having health problems and it was a real relief to see him walking and biking. Over the last year he has had …

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ASH Dash Race Report

Today I ran the ASH Dash 5K race. The ASH (Austin State Hospital) volunteers sponsor the race; they are an organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of life of the children and adults who are patients at the Hospital. The race was on the grounds of the State Hospital, which was established in …

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Wednesday’s Intervals

I ran intervals this evening; I was planning to do three intervals of one mile each at six and a half MPH, but in reality what I did was more like this: Interval one = 1 mile at six and a half MPH. Interval two = .6 mile at six and a half MPH. For …

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Health Report

Several days ago I received the results from my recent blood test. Here they are:

ARC Thursday Evening Run

I ran this evening with the ARC Thursday Evening running group. We met at 6:15 PM at the rock under the Mopac bridge. There were about 8 runners, including Jack, Bill, Josh and Troy (the leader). The group was a whole lot faster than I remembered from last year; perhaps it was a different group. …

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Wednesdays Interval Run

I ran intervals again tonight. I used the Advanced Training option called “Wed Interval” that I created several weeks ago and refined last week. There are some modifications that need to be made: I need to add press lap button to the start of the first 12 minute run. I currently have it set to …

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The First ACA Hosted Ride.

Today I attended the first ACA Hosted Ride Program, hosted by Sarah F. Most of the group seemed to be folks who had participated in a triathlon last year, and they were just getting together again. It was a friendly group, even to me as a newcomer and outsider. (One participant ran in a 5K …

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Saturday’s exercise

Saturday was an active day. Here are the three things that I did: Walk to clothes cleaners: Walk to barber shop:Walk to barber shop and coffee shopFind more Walks in Austin, TexasBike ride to grocery store and post office:

Nice Easy Run at Gym

I had a nice easy run this evening at the gym. I have been reading Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit and Sexy – Until Your 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley and M.D., Henry S. Lodge. I have decided I need to go to the gym more and do more exercise in the aerobic …

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Wednesday’s Intervals

I ran intervals this evening. I set up an advanced workout on the Garmin that consisted of the following: Run until heart rate goes above 130 BPM. Run eleven minutes at 6.5 MPH. Repeat the following steps 8 times: Go until heart rate goes below 120 BPM. Go until heart rate goes above 145 BPM. …

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